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Sticks & Stones


Summer 2007, Charlena traveled to South-East Asia for nine weeks and wrote half of this, her 2nd album, on a small-bodied cheap guitar she purchased for $15.00 US in Laos after a two-day slow boat trip down the Mekong River from Thailand to Laos. She later donated the well-used guitar to a child who couldn’t afford one while teaching English and Guitar to orphans as a volunteer for the last two weeks of her trip.

Universal Thanks

Thank you for choosing to listen to this album…hopefully, you will connect with my music and make it your own.

I would like to thank these songs for helping me to grow and connect with some key emotions within myself.

Personal Thanks:
Anita Noel, Aunt Linda, my Muse (you know who you are), Christina Fairhurst, Mary5e, Jesse Smith, Jimi Maze, all of the Fox Rockers out there. Sherwood Music, John Belton, Arthur McDermid, Brian Alexanian, those who inspired me during my trip to South-East Asia, Becca Rooke, the talented Mia, John Jameson, Jenna Carden, Daniel Forgie, Cathy King, Dan Forsey, Quentin Bouvron, Troy Larabie, laughter for keeping me free from sorrow, critics/jerks who made me grow stronger, my beautiful friends and family for years of support.

Infinite thanks and appreciation to my talented students for years of music and light. I am so proud of all of you.

Sharing music makes every day of my life a gift!


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September 1, 2007

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